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GitHub is hiring
a Social Media Manager

At GitHub, we’re dedicated to empowering developers around the globe to work together on software solutions. We believe that every developer has something to contribute, and our platform is designed to make sure their contributions are impactful. We’re looking for a Social Media Manager to join our team and help increase our visibility and impact on the web.

In this role, you’ll be responsible for helping to define and share our message with the world. Your work will play a critical role in how developers perceive GitHub and working with us. You’ll get to be creative, engaging, and insightful in your approach to developing the brand and our mission. You’ll also be able to collaborate with a team of passionate, creative people and leverage a wide range of tools and data to generate content, build influencer relationships, and grow our presence in the web.We’re looking for an experienced social media manager with 5+ years of relevant experience.

As our Social Media Manager, you will:

  1. Develop and manage social media strategies across multiple platforms in order to drive customer engagement, traffic, and leads.
  2. Write and edit content for our website and social accounts and create campaigns for organic and paid engagements.
  3. Monitor customer engagement and track the performance of all campaigns and analyze the results to inform decision making.
  4. Oversee and coordinate all customer service inquiries through our social media channels.
  5. Strategize, coordinate, and manage influencer relationships.

If you’re passionate about software, building a great product, and connecting developers around the world, this is the job for you! If you have the skills and experience necessary and want to join an incredible team with a mission to make software development more powerful, we’d love to hear from you.

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